A New Welcome to Old Madness!

A New Welcome to Old Madness!
January 13, 2017 daveitferris
I honestly have no why it took me this long to set my brand new website up again. Sure, it may have been the 365sparks.com project and others – but what i’m getting at is geared toward how ‘free’ i’ve felt when i’ve written posts on here. It’s not like i expect these posts to exempt me from reaction or repercussion simply because they’re not hung as a painting in a facebook-sponsored gallery – no, i just feel free because i’m back to writing what i truly feel and not what i feel plus the edits that i’d interweave to ensure i wasn’t breaking the hearts of my friends or followers. This is new territory and i intend to be myself here – on my own fucking website – please feel free to socially discuss these posts in your own corner of the internet, but know that this is where my world starts and ends.
I’m not going to go all anti-social-media on you right now, but honestly, no creative person can be content with the likes of facebook or twitter as a tool to project their genius onto the world. In a social world that moves in a heartbeat [despite the option to pin content] your latest and greatest is pushed down those timelines in a few days and, whether you care to admit or not, is forgotten about. The reason that creatives have websites is to showcase their creations perpetually. This is why i have worked hard to rebuilt my old website from the ground up as i simply don’t favour facebook or twitter posts over this website – which is in my control. Remember how many hundreds of hours we all spent making our Myspace page look pretty only for them to pull the plug? All these social websites will change the goalposts depending on their revenue sheet and it’ll affect everyone that doesn’t have an off-site option – this is my option, and my main option at that.
Anyways. this website will act like a tree in the sense that it’ll grow its fruit over time. I didn’t want to release this in 2018 rammed full of content, but rather 2017 with some content that grows each and every single day, I’m currently focused on making the store as great as it can be by ramming each product full of content [lyrics, info, booklets, etc]. Each product has been done from the ground up – none of the old products are reproduced here – these are all redone. I want each purchase and download to be worth your time. The prices haven’t changed either – i’ve just added more to the pot for you to enjoy. Is there anything missing from the store you’d like to see? Let me know!
So yeah! Welcome to the new website. I promise you’ll dig it as time goes by. I have a tonne of exclusive stuff that is already being worked on that’ll only feature here – in fact, a lot of my stuff will only be available here and not on social media – so please, give this page a bookmark and check back when you can!