Craft Beer Reviews #2 | Old Hoppy Hen

Craft Beer Reviews #2 | Old Hoppy Hen
February 15, 2017 daveitferris
This time i’m trying Morland Brewery – ‘Old Hoppy Hen‘.
It’s a 4.2% Crisp Pale Ale – ‘Light, Fresh & Hoppy’.

About: ‘Crafted by the master brewer of Old Speckled Hen, this hoppy pale ale is bursting with flavour and aroma. It is brewed with the finest pale and crystal malts as well as the American Chinook hop to give a fresh grapefruit hop character. The addition of rye malt adds a touch of spiciness. Old Hoppy Hen is perfect for all occasions and best enjoyed chilled with friends.’

It makes sense to stick with the Morland Brewery and their ‘hen’ range as i have a handful staring at me from their wooden perch. I tend to get these beers in full brewery sets and i think i’ll review them like that because i think it’ll be interesting to showcase how diverse some of these breweries are. Let me know whether you’d like to see random reviews or pattern by-brewery reviews and ill take it into consideration.
There’s a tiny little of an audio introduction when i rip the bottle cap off, but it’s nothing crazy and i didn’t expect it to be given the level of carbonation these ales have. The colour [as the name suggests] is paler than a usual ale, but only very slightly but definitely enough to notice. The aroma of this one is a lot more citrusy than OSH but in that really pleasant fresh way [i referred to OSH as smelling a little bit like an abandoned corona] – it’s actually quite alluring and sweet.
This beer holds its kick much better than OSH. Ten minutes or so after being opened, it was still nice and sharp tasting – this wasn’t the case with OSH which fell completely flat within mere minutes [these products were purchased together and stored in the same way]. I’m the kind of drinker that tends to hold their beer rather than sip-and-sit, i cradle it like something sacred. However, with ales and such drinks, i have to revert to sip-and-sit because i can deal with my drink either being warm or losing carbonation, but i can’t deal with a warm decarbonated drink and that’s what happens when i cradle low-carbonation drinks [because my paws are always going to heat up my held drinks]. Does this make sense or is this ale getting to my head already?
Taste-wise, i think it’s nice, but not amazing. It’s very gentle, but i’m not sure if i like that in an ale. I guess i’m still making up my mind on that one.
All in all, my tongue is not able to discern a whole lot of difference between this and OSH – certainly not enough to warrant it being a separate product. I realise that there are fundamental differences between those products, but to me, the end-user, i’m not able to differentiate any real taste difference between them and to me that renders the production fruitless. For record, as much as i tried, i couldn’t get a single tastebud to recognise any grapefruit in this beer despite it being listed many times on the labelling. It may well be my amateur tasting palate [which should get better as i begin to try new beers] but i really couldn’t taste any grapefruit at all. So essentially, i liked this drink as much as i liked OSH and i’d possibly buy this again [although i may inject my own grapefruit pieces next time].
OSH: Old Speckled Hen – another product from the same brewery.