Craft Beer Reviews #5 | KEO

Craft Beer Reviews #5 | KEO
June 21, 2017 daveitferris
KEO – ‘KEO‘.
It’s a 4.5% Beer.

About: KEO is a Cypriot beer. It is a light straw-colored lager with a thick head, and is sometimes compared to a pilsner in taste. The beer is brewed in Limassol, in Cyprus. The beer won the 1987 brewing industry world bottled lager competition Gold Medal. In 2010, KEO held a 32.4% share of the island’s beer market.’

A beer with foreign languages sprawled all over it is always going to intrigue me, especially when i’ve never even heard of this brewery before.
It has one of the lightest smells of any beer i’ve ever turned my nostrils to.
The design is a very bold yellow, which, to be honest, doesn’t really look that appealing. It reminds me of a cheap brand of beer [whose name escapes me] that used to litter the floors of my house when i was a kid after my sisters had their mates around. They always smelled foul and this bold label brings me right back to that overbearing smell for no other reason than aesthetics. As mentioned, it’s covered in foreign languages [greek and turkish i believe].
It has tremendous carbonation that lasted as long as it took me to reach the final sip – which is one of the most important things to me as i don’t want seduced by the bite only for it to fade within mere minutes.
Flavour-wise, it does taste pleasant but i found it incredibly hard to discern any really noticeable components to talk about. Now, i know this isn’t ‘strawberry’ or ‘lemon’ flavoured, but with most beers i tend to find an overpowering component, but with this, it’s impossible to discern anything above all else. I have no problem with that though as it’s super refreshing.
As mentioned within the very first of these short ‘beer reviews’ – i have absolutely no knowledge in this area, i just enjoy picking up different beers from time to time – but i’d like you guys to help me out – what am i doing wrong? what should i include? what should i leave out? Help me make these reviews better for you.
Overall, what’s really sold me on this beer is simply how refreshing i found it. I know for most that this wouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but being refreshed by an ice cold beer is up there with finishing a new song for me.