Craft Beer Reviews #6 | Golden Glory

Craft Beer Reviews #6 | Golden Glory
June 25, 2017 daveitferris
Badgers – ‘Golden Glory‘.
It’s a 4.5% Beer.

About: ‘This award-winning classic is a deliciously balanced ale with peach and melon flavours.  It makes an ideal complement to sticky bbq ribs or an indulgent vanilla cheesecake.’

I always start these reviews by talking about the aesthetics of the bottle and this one is pretty cool and perfectly legible, so that makes a change on both fronts. I definitely understand breweries wanting their beers to stand out on a competitive shelf, but that can’t be at the expense of simple things such as the ability of the purchaser to read the bottle without a magnifying glass or ninja light angling. This bottle looks great.
First off, without even dandering my nose over to smell this bottle, the scent was apparent from the second i burst open the cap. The word ‘peachy’ is quite prominent on the writing, so i knew what i was in store for, but i didn’t expect it to be so potent so quickly – this is welcome though. I know that smell wouldn’t really be the rest most people choose or bin a beer, but to me it’s quite important and i have binned previous craft beers because they’ve smelled terribly [one smelled identical to chalk…].
I love the colour of this because it even looks ‘sweet’ – it looks like honey that has been warmed up as it has a glistening effect when i angle it toward the light. It has a nice [small] layer of foam that stayed right until the end and, i don’t know about you, but i’ll always find it weird to drink a beer or ale without even a tiny head of some form – it’s like an oreo with the middle missing, it’s just not right.
Taste-wise, this is by far my favourite beer i’ve reviewed so far. This is odd though, as i’ve never tended to enjoy any flavoured beers over the standard bottle of beer. Maybe it’s that manly component of me beating its chest or a boring palate, but most of the flavoured beers/ales i’ve tried have either tasted way too sweet or way to artificial. This one i can perfectly describe as ‘Iced Tea Beer’ – it tastes identical to Lipton Ice Tea mixed with a half of a pint of beer – a perfect blend that gives a sweet edge without it being corrosive to my chompers.
Sadly, i only got one bottle of Badgers this time, but i’m pretty excited to get my paws on some more of their range for the next time. If this one is anything to go by, then i’m in for a treat.