Craft Beer Reviews #8 | Golden Sheep Ale

Craft Beer Reviews #8 | Golden Sheep Ale
July 25, 2017 daveitferris
Black Sheep Brewery – ‘Golden Sheep Ale‘.
It’s a 4.7% Ale.

About: Sunshine in a glass, a citrus packed Blonde Ale. Golden Sheep is a gloriously refreshing, beautifully balanced, golden cask ale, perfect thirst quencher! Following the success of Golden Sheep in bottle form, which was originally brewed for the Tesco Finest range, plus the growing demand from for lighter golden beers,our brewers created the perfect response – Golden Sheep in cask.’

 Carrying on the ‘golden’ theme from a few weeks back, we have a yorkshire-born blonde ale today and it sounds tasty, so let’s get stuck right into the review.
The bottle design, logo, colouration and legibility of the bottle are all great and that’s how we start all these reviews. Honestly guys, so long as the text is perfectly legible, i’m not going to be extremely overbearing with the design component of my reviews. I don’t like some of the fonts used here, but that’s just being really critical and is completely subjective to my personal aesthetic tastes.
This is another case of major disparity between smell and taste because the scent is like sniffing nothing at all. I think breweries should utilize the air gap at the top of their bottles to inject a nice little awesome smelling cloud aroma to jump out of the bottle as soon as it’s opened – now, wouldn’t that be cool? I’m obviously just kidding, but smell is important and so many of these beers i’m trying either smell foul or have no smell at all – there’s an opportunity there for something i feel. Cha-ching.
Taste-wise, i’m getting a really earthy woody flavour that lingers quite a while. This intensifies as i go through the bottle. It’s really noticeable, but also really pleasant. It’s a little sweet as an aftertaste when compared to the initial wave across the tongue, but i tend to enjoy a separation between initial spill and aftertaste, so i’m down with this.
I have had this in the fridge for a good few days now, so it’s really cold – just how i like my beers. Actually, on this point, i notice on the side of the bottle it said ‘best served lightly chilled’ – now, i don’t know about you, but i have to have my beers as close to ice-cold as possible. I know some purists believe that this ruins the flavour a little, but i find it increases it – maybe i’m just a black sheep [gettit?]. Honestly though, i don’t think i’ll ever have any beer ‘lightly chilled’.
Without a doubt, i will be grabbing another few of these in the future. It’s the kind of sharpness and bite that i love. This is the kind of beer that i’d happily drink a full pack of during a football match or a UFC night.