Derry Snow + An Unreleased Instrumental

Derry Snow + An Unreleased Instrumental
March 21, 2017 daveitferris

I have been awake since 05:30am this morning trying to catch up with various bits and pieces. Recently, due to having no personal facebook account, i tend to miss a lot of news, and i definitely missed the forecast about Derry receiving a thick blanket of snow this morning! There was nothing better than sitting in a lovely warm house, furiously typing away and seeing the first flakes of snow falling until it got heavier and fully painted the ground.
I’ve been meaning to start doing video content and decided i’d wrap up, head out and film myself walking around my block for … something. I didn’t really have any idea what i could use the footage for, but i knew i’d find something. My girlfriend got a brand new 4K camera yesterday and i wanted an excuse to test it out, too.
When back indoors, i thought it might be interesting to throw an unheard song from the ‘365 Sparks’ project over the video, so that’s what i did. ‘Light Up and Smile’ is a song, but this is just the Instrumental version as i don’t feel like publishing it before its finally released. It’s an upbeat song with a really strong chorus. I had the intro riff for about 10 years before i finally committed it to a track in 2014 – little victories. This is just a rough master and sections and instruments may still change.
I hope you enjoy it!