Introducing – HeartFuse | Spotlight

Introducing – HeartFuse | Spotlight
February 3, 2017 daveitferris

I thought it’d be worth typing a quick post to talk about HeartFuse | Spotlight – a little side-project that i just launched through my main company, HeartFuse.
I consider HeartFuse to be my creative media network. Whilst it still has a small presence online currently, it’s a name i’ve used for my creative offerings for over 7 years now. For example, all my records are published under ‘HeartFuse | Records‘, all my books under ‘HeartFuse | Books‘, all my graphic/web design under HeartFuse | Design‘ .. and so on. If you know me by now, you’ll know that i like all efforts to be packaged up into some form of project. I’m not a fan of doing an occasional burst of something without it having it’s own name and place online – i just like keeping everything neat and tidy both in an offline and online sense. Whilst the majority of the HF stuff will be business orientated, i have a handful of side-projects in the works that’ll just nestle alongside the revenue-generating side of the business – ‘Spotlight’ is just one of them.
The site has a very simple mission; to shine a spotlight on the best content that we find, in any creative medium. It’s obviously not a new and daring concept by any means, but this kind of discovery is something i’ve done every day for years now and it makes sense to share it online.
I have a bookmark folder on my Chrome browser that’s just called ‘Rad’ and in that folder, i save everything from soundcloud links, to youtube videos, to stock images, to film trailers, to art, to software .. and so on. All i’m merely doing with this side project is giving the content an online home and [hopefully] an audience that’ll check out the content on show.


Just like a previous website i started completely alone and then gradually added contributors [], this idea makes a lot more sense with a lot more voices involved – that’s why i’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to get involved and cover a certain genre of creativity for the website. At a very base-minimum, i’m looking for those who could submit one item a week. The focus is on the quality of the contribution not on quantity.


If you’d be interested in contributing to the site and helping it grow – shoot us a message at