‘On Your Side’ – Soundcheck Video from ‘UTV: Live at the Limelight’ TV Show

‘On Your Side’ – Soundcheck Video from ‘UTV: Live at the Limelight’ TV Show
January 25, 2017 daveitferris

In 2008, i spotted a post mentioning a show called ‘UTV: Live at the Limelight‘ on Myspace [remember?] and applied for it. I didn’t actually expect to get the shot as i’d done nothing in a live solo capacity at this point to warrant the opportunity, so i was more than shocked to hear i’d be making the tv show [i seem to remember being told that my music filled a genre gap they were looking to fill – so i guess it just worked out on this occasion]. The only issue i faced was that i didn’t have a band at the time or even musicians i was working with, so i enlisted the help of two friends probably a week before the show was due to film and we had literally one ‘rehearsal’ in my living room in which the drummer [Jack Carlin] used his legs and hands for percussion. I even remember being backstage and rehearsing the song with Jack drumming on my guitar case – talk about last minute! We completely winged it on the night, but it didn’t sound too bad as it’s an incredibly simple song! – Thanks Jack & Emmett!
The TV Show was a really cool thing to be a part of, especially considering the other amazing bands that took part. I remember i was working full-time during this period [hence the lack of rehearsal time] and another cool moment relative to this was when my boss screened the show live in our work as it was going out – it must have been a bit surreal for some of those folks to see me on the big screen whilst i was standing in the corner speaking on the phone with a customer.
This video itself was recorded in a phone of the era [aka: awful video quality] and it was just a soundcheck of the segment – although the final version was nearly identical. I actually don’t have a copy of the broadcast video to hand, although i have it on a DVD somewhere and will post it when i find it.
I have re-recorded this song for the ‘365 Sparks’ project – so you’ll be hearing it soon.
Side point – Alana Kerr [the beautiful actress that introduces me in the video] has been doing quite well for herself since narrating my introduction on the show. She was incredibly sweet and pleasant to me. Check her out.