Poem #100 of ‘365 Scribbles’

Poem #100 of ‘365 Scribbles’
April 10, 2017 daveitferris

Since the start of 2017 i have been writing, scribbling and uploading an original poem to 365scribbles.com. I made it a thing to not over-promote the project because i know that most people avoid poetry like the plague, but i feel it’s worth mentioning that i’ve just surpassed 100 new works of poetry already … the year is flying!

games you can play at home

i refuse to pay the tragedy toll-booth any longer
i boycott the tourist maps that lead me toward safety zones
i have a mindset that steers me clear of minefields
i religiously edit my rewrites and rewrite my edits
i lure my prey with promises and white lies
i plumbed in my own future with a cheap tool kit
i am always the loudest voice at the sunday morning gospel
i reserve tables below the dimmest light in the room
i am at my most alive when trapped between two sheets
i am related to angels and estranged from devils
i am dealing over-the-counter drugs to myself to defeat boredom
i am discouraged from having courage by invisible voices
i am brushing my teeth with brightly coloured warpaint
i am bugging the bugs that regret becoming my only friends
i am soaking my scribbles in vodka and burning them alive
i am gift-wrapping grenades but never sending them
i am a coaster for their drinks to spill upon
i am a feeble soul trapped in a strong mans body
i am the circuit breaker of consensual entertainment
i am frenetic energy manifesting as a skeleton suit
i am looting my own ideas and repackaging them for sale
i am the anti-chameleon with a permanent black jacket
i am a beautiful proverb drenched in beautiful reverb
i am scavenging on ghost applause and strawberry seeds
i am leery of helicopter blades, liquor and smirking
i am perpetually perforated by their stupid pitchforks
i am a deer caught in death row headlights
i am a nuisance to the sky and an enemy of the ground
i am head-first, heart-second, tongue-third
i am playing hopscotch with bad friends and good strangers
i am furnishing my home to resemble a waiting room
i am demure until i’m forced to become a trapped lion
i am overstaying my welcome