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    Cambridge – 28 Years Ago

    '28 Years Ago' was written and recorded in 2014 as part of my '365 Sparks' project, however i heard from Australian band, Cambridge in 2015 who were enquiring about the possibility of including it as the lead single on their upcoming EP. We were able to come to a deal and the boys went to re-record the song [in their own slightly different version] in the studio. I think what they've done with it is awesome! You can hear my original demo here. Buy the song on iTunes and help the boys [and me ;)] out.
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    Pyramid Sequence – The Sleeping Pattern of Pharmacists

    Niall Dalton approached me about this project before he had any music to show me, however, from knowing Niall's previous work and production, i knew it'd be good work. When i did finally hear the song i was to write and sing over, i absolutely loved it. It was just music, so my role was to write melodies and lyrics and send the files back [we never met during this project] - i love this as it felt very 'Postal Service'. I wrote and recorded everything in an afternoon [with the backing vocal help of a friend, Mark Rogan] and sent the files on. If only all recording experiences were this stress-free! The entire EP [my song is just one of many] is stunning and i still listen to it from time to time today. Go and buy it!
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    Ruairi Connolly – This Christmas

    Ruairi is a long-time friend that i was in a handful of bands with. He contacted me a month or so before Christmas enquiring about me recording a special Christmas song he'd written in time for a release around Christmas. I was more than happy to oblige. When we got together, the song was just acoustic/guitar and we worked through a lot of different versions of the song before deciding on a route to take. Ruairi recorded his acoustic guitar and vocal on a day and then it was up to me to do the rest. I wrote and recorded all other instrumentation you hear on the piece. We did a final tweak together before releasing it to the world. Thrilled to have been a part of it. Buy it!