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  • tele

    Fender Telecaster [Mascara Story Era]

    This guitar has been in my possession since around 2003. It has featured on tonnes of recordings and been my main axe for all my band live shows since that time. It's war-scarred but it comes with a lot of memories. I'm downgrading my entire physical footprint and its time to move this into the hands of someone that'll appreciate it.
  • hb2

    Washburn HB35 – ‘First Male Lesbian’

    This guitar was my backup guitar for the Mascara Story era [tuned to drop-d] and pretty much my main guitar for the Rescue the Astronauts era. It was featured in the video for 'I Am Your Sugar Rush' that you can see here. It was also the guitar i used to record the 'Traces' single with.
  • hb22

    Washburn HB35 – ‘Hearts’

    This Washburn HB35 was received at the same time as my other HB35 'First Male Lesbian' guitar. It has seen very little action over the years, was never played live and has always been kept in my studios guitar rack. It featured in a handful of '365 Sparks' tracks as well as some early solo tracks, but beyond these, it has sat largely unused on my guitar rack - which is a shame because it's a lovely guitar. Had i not been fortunate enough to have two of these, it would have seen a lot more use.
  • lyrucs

    Handwritten Lyric

    Do you want your favourite song of mine handwritten just for you and posted to you? This is your chance! You name a song of mine and i'll handwrite it for you, sign it and post it off to you! You can even choose the colour of paper!
  • poem

    Every ‘365 Scribbles’ Poem Sheet

    My '365 Scribbles' project is based around the handwriting of an original poem every day of 2017 - much in the same way '365 Sparks' revolved around writing an original song every day of 2014. These handwritten poems will eventually be packaged up and will sleep in a box in my attic for the rest of time unless i offer them for sale to someone who loves the project. These are the original handwritten pages, not rewrites or scans or image prints. You'll be able to run your fingers around the grooves of my pen on every sheet.
  • lyrucs

    Every ‘365 Sparks’ Lyric Sheet

    One component of my song-a-day-for-a-year project - - was handwriting that day's lyric and scanning it. These lyrics are currently stored away safely, but i don't intend to revisit them anytime soon and figured that a fan out there may want to purchase them as a full set. I'm under no pressure to sell these and therefore i won't consider the sale for anything less than the price stated. These absolutely one-of-a-kind and are the originals [not rewrites]. If you dug the project, this is your chance to own a vital component of it.