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  • mic

    Sing Lead Vocals on Your Song

    Whether you're a musician that records music but doesn't sing, want a special guest or simply want to collaborate with me on something ... this is possible! Please read all information on this page before purchasing the service.
  • master

    Mix & Master Your Song

    A skillset i sharpened massively due to the intensity of '365 Sparks' was mixing and mastering. I was having to utilize these skills on a daily basis & it became a challenge i loved. If you'd like me to Mix & Master your music, this is your chance!
  • drum

    Play Drums on Your Song

    Most of my '365 Sparks' song feature some form of drums; whether that's full band rock drums or even just the odd percussion accentuation. I'm now in a position to offer drum flair to your music if you need a digital session drummer!
  • acoustic

    Play Acoustic Guitar on Your Song

    A hefty majority of the songs recorded for my '365 Sparks' project contain some form of acoustic guitar - it's dominant. It's also the instrument i write pretty much every song on.
    5 out of 5
  • elec

    Play Electric Guitar on Your Song

    My main instrument - the wonderful guitar. Whilst i'm far from a virtuosic guitarist, i am a creative guitar player and one that can add a lot of flair to most songs.
  • bass

    Play Bass on Your Song

    Bass is such an underrated instrument in my opinion - bands that sync their kick-drum and basslines absolutely hypnotize me. If you'd like me to add some bass to your recording(s) - whether you just want to collaborate or currently have no bassist ... this is your chance!
  • leadvox

    Sing Backing Vocals on Your Song

    Have you ever wanted me to vocally feature on your track? Now's your chance! This service is an opportunity for me to be your backing singer for a song [or as many songs as you want]. I can vocally extend to most musical styles and i'm more that willing to try new things with my voice in line with your vision. I can sing quite low and quite high for a male voice. I'm able to sing clear and ballad-y whilst also screaming with aggression.
  • remixxx

    Remix Your Song

    Remixes are a great way of getting 'bang for your buck' when it comes to a great song. Most great songs can be stylized in many awesome different ways. If you want new life injected into an old song - this is your chance!
  • pi

    Play Piano/Keys on Your Song

    Piano & Keys [or sounds] has become almost a default track on most of my recordings these days, whether that's as a prominent lead instruments or as a way to add rigidity and atmosphere to my tracks.
  • lyrucs

    Custom Lyric

    You're a musician but lyrics aren't your thing [kind-of like Patrick from Fall Out Boy, who relies on Bassist Pete Wentz to come up with the words] - you can now hire me to write lyrics based around your already existing melodies. All i need is a rough demo of your song and ill shoot you back awesome words.
  • acguitar

    Custom Acoustic Song

    I'd estimate that 95% of every song i've ever written has been written on acoustic guitar - it's the canary down the mine - if it can work with one vocal and acoustic then trust me, the bells, oboes, lead guitar and bass drum will make it better. This item is offering you a completely original acoustic song based upon your story or life. You tell me what's going on or about an old memory and i will write and sing it to you. I love the challenge!
  • cas
  • acguitar

    Custom Acoustic Cover Song

    I will be honest - if you are a soundman that has ever facilitated one of my shows, you'll know this; i am not a guitarist/singer that knows any other songs than my own. I've just always been that way. I can't pick up a guitar and play 100 classics like most can, i much prefer to just play my own music all of the time. However! I do jam at home to the occasional cover song. If you'd like me to cover your favourite song, then this is your chance! I'm open to pretty much anything provided the song isn't hateful, racist or horrible.
  • cake

    ‘Happy Birthday’ Custom Song

    If you or someone you know digs my music and would like me to sing happy birthday to you ... this is your chance! This services is to purchase a completely custom [you can include your surname if you wish] happy birthday song! All you have to do is let me know your/your chosen person's name and ill do the rest. This is a standard 'four bar' happy birthday song and not an extended piece.
  • hl

    Custom Poem

    I write poetry non-stop. By the end of 2017 i will have released 20 of my own poetry books that will surpass 700+ poems. This is your chance to have me write a completely custom poem for you for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, celebrations, exams, etc. You provide me with as much information as you possibly can and i will return to you a poem!
  • lyrucs

    Handwritten Lyric

    Do you want your favourite song of mine handwritten just for you and posted to you? This is your chance! You name a song of mine and i'll handwrite it for you, sign it and post it off to you! You can even choose the colour of paper!