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  • hh

    Daveit Ferris – Ho Ho [Let It Snow]

    In winter 2013, i gave in to the nagging idea of writing and recording an original christmas song. My first drafts were all sentimental piano ballads, but i then i stumbled upon the idea of doing something tongue-in-cheek as to not add one more soppy christmas track to the airwaves. In order to make it a little more special, i enlisted the backing vocal assistance of many friends, something that really brings the track to life. Festive as can be!
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    CD Artwork

    Daveit Ferris – Traces

    This was recorded under the name 'Sugar Mixtape' with a fantastic producer called Patrick Trolan in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. Whilst that particular outfit didn't record anything other than this track, i'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. The music personnel that helped bring this song to life are listed in a separate tab, the song itself was written and devised by myself. Paddy has since moved to the states otherwise there would be many more songs of this style in my catalogue!
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    Mascara Story – This is Not a Bruise

    This single formed part of the prize for winning the Snickers Unsigned / Kerrang! competition in 2005 - and what an experience it was! Recording in such an amazing studio such as Livingston Studios in London was a dream. The producer we worked with was an absolute gent and someone i still call a friend to this day. We're all in agreement that the slightly premature intro the chorus lets the song down - but we had a strict deadline to adhere to and simply ran out of time to fix this minor issue - oh well! Enjoy :)