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  • acguitar

    Custom Acoustic Song

    I'd estimate that 95% of every song i've ever written has been written on acoustic guitar - it's the canary down the mine - if it can work with one vocal and acoustic then trust me, the bells, oboes, lead guitar and bass drum will make it better. This item is offering you a completely original acoustic song based upon your story or life. You tell me what's going on or about an old memory and i will write and sing it to you. I love the challenge!
  • cas
  • acguitar

    Custom Acoustic Cover Song

    I will be honest - if you are a soundman that has ever facilitated one of my shows, you'll know this; i am not a guitarist/singer that knows any other songs than my own. I've just always been that way. I can't pick up a guitar and play 100 classics like most can, i much prefer to just play my own music all of the time. However! I do jam at home to the occasional cover song. If you'd like me to cover your favourite song, then this is your chance! I'm open to pretty much anything provided the song isn't hateful, racist or horrible.
  • cake

    ‘Happy Birthday’ Custom Song

    If you or someone you know digs my music and would like me to sing happy birthday to you ... this is your chance! This services is to purchase a completely custom [you can include your surname if you wish] happy birthday song! All you have to do is let me know your/your chosen person's name and ill do the rest. This is a standard 'four bar' happy birthday song and not an extended piece.