Cambridge – 28 Years Ago

Cambridge – 28 Years Ago
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Cambridge – 28 Years Ago


’28 Years Ago’ was written and recorded in 2014 as part of my ‘365 Sparks’ project, however i heard from Australian band, Cambridge in 2015 who were enquiring about the possibility of including it as the lead single on their upcoming EP. We were able to come to a deal and the boys went to re-record the song [in their own slightly different version] in the studio. I think what they’ve done with it is awesome! You can hear my original demo here. Buy the song on iTunes and help the boys [and me ;)] out.

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2. Can You Say
3. Stay the Hell Away from Me
4. Westbound
5. Twenty Eight Years Ago*

*Written by Myself.

home is where the heart is
& i know cause i’ve been bleeding on your floor
sing a little sweet love lullaby
and you will make all the girls cry

let’s play a game
let’s play a game now
it’s called memory lane
are you ready to play now?

remember when we were kids
the skies were so much bluer
28 years ago
now it’s just clouds for miles
and hungry little vultures
i wish it was 28 years ago - again

wait another table for your rent
make a hollywood-sized dent
score and light up the world leaderboard
you’re an attention seeking whore

let’s play a game
it’s called ‘memory lane
i think you know this one

let’s all raise a toast
we made it down that road
our bodies are working still
new lines upon our skin
new horror kicking in
we’re almost at 30 now


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