Custom Acoustic Song

Custom Acoustic Song
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Custom Acoustic Song


I’d estimate that 95% of every song i’ve ever written has been written on acoustic guitar – it’s the canary down the mine – if it can work with one vocal and acoustic then trust me, the bells, oboes, lead guitar and bass drum will make it better. This item is offering you a completely original acoustic song based upon your story or life. You tell me what’s going on or about an old memory and i will write and sing it to you. I love the challenge!

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    Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad

    'My Soul Salad' was my sixth collection of poetry. Just like the following book i'd release, this was more of a collection of poems/ideas i had strewn around my hard drives and handwritten in bedside jotters. I just compiled them when i felt the time was right and released 50 of them as this collection.
    £2.00 £1.00

Tell me a song that you truly love and i will do my best to re-record it full of love. I'm even open to you telling me how you'd like me to sing it or play it - but the final decision will be mine. I appreciate you purchasing this item, so please feel free to let me know if there's a particular version of the song you'd like me to follow - or, if you'd like me to completely do my own version or replicate it as close as possible - you're the boss.

What do i get?
You'll receive one .mp3 of your completely custom song.

Can i suggest themes/lyrics/ideas/memories?
Yes! In fact, i'd prefer if you did - i want to truly encapsulate your memories into words.

These are just acoustic?
Yes. These songs are just my voice and an acoustic - no other instrumentation.

How long will it take?
From the date your order is confirmed, i'll have your original song with you within 60 days. Please allow me some time to conceive and write your song and then record it. It takes time.

One completely unique song that has been written for you/your situation in .mp3 format. Mixed and Mastered to sound great.


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