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Custom Lyric


You’re a musician but lyrics aren’t your thing [kind-of like Patrick from Fall Out Boy, who relies on Bassist Pete Wentz to come up with the words] – you can now hire me to write lyrics based around your already existing melodies. All i need is a rough demo of your song and ill shoot you back awesome words.

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I know a lot of musicians who can write both awesome music and awesome vocal melodies but fall at the last hurdle; words. Words can be extremely difficult to come up with if it simply isn't within your skillset. I'd like to think i have a way with words as i've been writing them longer than i haven't. That's why i'd love to help you concoct an awesome set of words based around your already-existing vocal melodies. All you need to do is send me a rough demo [singing into your phone will work fine so long as the vocal melodies are really clear] and any lyrical ideas you may have had ['i'd love some words about an anti-love story' etc] and i'll shoot you back a set of words that perfectly mirrors the syllable count of your vocal demo. easy!

What do i get?
You get digitally sent back a set of words that will completely match the syllable count of your vocal demo. They will be in order, but you can jiggle them around to suit your needs if you want.

Is it completely custom?
Of course! I'm working to your vocal melodies and structure.

If i don't like the words, can i get a refund?
No - unfortunately not. I put a lot of effort into everything i do and i'd ask that you look into my work before hiring me for a glimpse of what you may receive and hire me only if this matches your style.


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