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Custom Poem


I write poetry non-stop. By the end of 2017 i will have released 20 of my own poetry books that will surpass 700+ poems. This is your chance to have me write a completely custom poem for you for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, celebrations, exams, etc. You provide me with as much information as you possibly can and i will return to you a poem!

How soon do you need the poem? *

Digital or Physical? *

Tell me your story … *

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    Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad

    'My Soul Salad' was my sixth collection of poetry. Just like the following book i'd release, this was more of a collection of poems/ideas i had strewn around my hard drives and handwritten in bedside jotters. I just compiled them when i felt the time was right and released 50 of them as this collection.
    £2.00 £1.00

I want to write something based around your stories, life, memories and ideas. This is why i have provided a text area above for you to tell me as much as you possibly can. Please be as descriptive as possible - 'we met at a club' isn't as good as 'we met around 9pm in the cherry bar in los angeles in march 2012' - as descriptive as you can possibly be will help me so much - i want to ensure you end up with something special. It'd also be a great help if you let me know if there's an occasion behind your intention too; so that i mirror the appropriate sentiments.

What do i get?
That depends on whether you choose 'physical' or 'digital'. If you want a custom poem written for you and delivered to you digitally, this will cost £30. If you want this custom poem written and posted to your address [in which case, please ensure you enter your address correctly] then this will cost £50. I put a lot of effort into my 'stream of consciousness' poetry writing, but these custom ones will take a lot longer as i'm writing about people/events/memories that aren't mine.

Is it completely custom?
Yes! regardless whether your information is incredibly descriptive or wide open, i assure you that each poem is written just for you based on the information you give me.

How long will the poem be?
I don't have any set line length, but my lined paper generally has 33 lines - so the poems will never be any shorter than that. However, if you feed me a tonne of interesting information, i may fill both sides!

One completely custom handwritten poem that'll either be scanned and e-mailed to you or physically posted to you [depending on what option you opt for].

Please note: the photograph is for illustrative purposes only and you'll be receiving a single lyric sheet only - not something framed.


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