Daveit Ferris – Bleeding Watercolours

Daveit Ferris – Bleeding Watercolours
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Daveit Ferris – Bleeding Watercolours


This item will be released on August 31, 2017.

This book is comprised of poems that were released as part of 365 Scribbles – a project by Daveit Ferris that took place from Jan 1 – Dec 31 2017.

Each download contains the book in .PDF format – alongside the artwork & and image scans of each poem handwritten.

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scribbles in school jotters
I’m beginning to forget my muscle memories
if it tastes like charcoal … it’s not
washing down water with food
episodes behind the drama curtain
mary and saint joseph
professional signature forger winner 2016
finding a haystack in a needle
lily pads instead of brake pads
a sudden rush of blood
a bowl of dirty words
collecting school suspensions
watering flowers with vinegar
sun cream and moon cream
more pennies than sense
cherry picking the best apples
born too late
there’s no such thing as an empty paint can
glory without guts
dublin has a special place in my heart
bottle it up, then throw that bottle at your enemy
the high-five king
motivated to stay asleep in bed
robbing peter to pay peters girlfriend
downloading decency
patient zero
wireless teeth on aluminium gums
eating maize in a maze is amazing
use frozen teardrops as weapons
be careful what you wish for

- One Poetry book in .PDF format.
- Handwritten Poem Scans
- Book Artwork


33 Pages


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August 2017


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