Daveit Ferris – Dresscodes for Lovesick Parties

Daveit Ferris – Dresscodes for Lovesick Parties
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Daveit Ferris – Dresscodes for Lovesick Parties

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This is my seventh collection of poetry and one i probably finished the fastest of all due to no real ‘writing period’ taking place. Instead of this, i gathered up the little bits and pieces i had written over a few months and compiled them into this collection. I edited each poem to allow the entire book to feel like a set – rather than a bunch of differently styled writings.

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    This book is comprised of poems that were released as part of 365 Scribbles – a project by Daveit Ferris that took place from Jan 1 – Dec 31 2017. Each download contains the book in .PDF format – alongside the artwork & and image scans of each poem handwritten.
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her cable mouth
orange sauce
supper, interrupted
lost balloons go to heaven
more seasoning for bland feuds
flogging a dead hearse
I forget an entire semester
shrinking violet
I just never left home
be my icicle
a safe distance from the bomb
entice the nice . ignore the whore
set fire to the sunshine
everlasting sadness
a moment of collapse
bank heist
sow those seeds this season
sleep backwards
angels vs. flies
oak smoke
business card buffet
illumination town
silent strings
boycott breathing
the tides are almost blue
peaks and valleys
muzzle enemies
a broken radiator
hymn and hurt
strepsil voice
continental market
her thoughts on usb
oh thieves
eyes squint to read
bleach blonde
demolition derby
vodka marinating in gin
poster imposter
sky high debt letter guy
black blue black blue
space travel
confectionary closet

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