Daveit Ferris – Et In Arcadia Ego

Daveit Ferris – Et In Arcadia Ego
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Daveit Ferris – Et In Arcadia Ego


This item will be released on December 31, 2017.

This book is comprised of poems that were released as part of 365 Scribbles – a project by Daveit Ferris that took place from Jan 1 – Dec 31 2017.

Each download contains the book in .PDF format – alongside the artwork & and image scans of each poem handwritten.

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high heels on rain soaked streets
i keep dreaming of a house that doesn’t exist
there’s a widow at the window
liver let die
screaming insults in latin
we use old maps for new apartment wallpaper
old men always take the bar stools
leaked documents
i am wireless
skin sells and sex cells
always ask for a rematch
money in the bank / honey in the tank
nepotistic family
bury my bones in a sunken ship
someone let the cat out of the bag
designing my deathbed
jigsaw piece thief
maybe i’m the only one that thinks like i do
taxi stand
i have a friend that lives on mercury
teenage defiance is perfectly normal
my habit of giving up on healthy habits
two versions of myself
jesus christmas
staring at the sun through binoculars
single-serve sorrow
babyteeth blues
a white flag stained with red blood under a blue sky
king of the control freaks
until next time …

- One Poetry book in .PDF format.
- Handwritten Poem Scans
- Book Artwork


33 Pages


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December 2017


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