Daveit Ferris – Home Demos 2003 – 2004

Daveit Ferris – Home Demos 2003 – 2004
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Daveit Ferris – Home Demos 2003 – 2004


Toward the very end of 2008, having released four completely original albums earlier in the year, i decided to round up a handful of old ‘demos’ and ‘outtakes’ and half-finished ideas and compile them. My thinking was merely to clear the deck a little bit for more music to happen in 2009. There’s something awesome about cutting loose a song that inspires new creativity in me. These are incredibly rough as they were only designed for my ears and often just so i wouldn’t forget them so minimal effort was involved.

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1. For You
2. Tetris
3. I Am Buzz LightYear
4. Conquer You [Original Demo]
5. Coffeecups
6. Pretzels in New York
7. Nothing Left To Say
8. Please Make Us Magnets
9. Pantomime
10. Dress On Fridays
11. First To Bleed
12. Gretchen Works In Starbucks
13. Drown In Blue Skies
14. Can't Let Go [Cover]
15. My BloodStream
16. Eventually We Make It Home
17. They Bring Pills
18. Smirk To Their Friends
19. First Love
20. Only One [Cover]
21. Underneath These Christmas Lights
22. Battlefields
23. Under The Covers
24. All I Have Left
25. Both In Danger [Live]
26. Elizabeth You Were Born To Play That Part [Cover]
27. Her Looks Will Run Out
28. In Your Headlights
29. Interlude 1
30. Soundtrack
31. You're A Shiver

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2003 – 2004

Record Label

HeartFuse Records


Daveit Ferris


Various Homes


HeartFuse Design


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