Daveit Ferris – Los Angeles

Daveit Ferris – Los Angeles
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Daveit Ferris – Los Angeles


I’ve always been fascinated by America. All the best bands and movies come from there. A month or so after releasing my second solo album, i found myself with enough songs to spread across two separate releases – these songs were similar in style, so i decided to package them together as the names of the two most interesting american cities. There’s some interesting acoustic parts on this record; bruised, red wine teeth and when we embrace would be three.

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1. Bruised
2. Blossom Hill
3. Cassette
4. Someone Like You
5. Red Wine Teeth
6. The Black Keys
7. Liquor on the Bed Sheets
8. Miss You Tonight
9. The Lights
10. When We Embrace
11. We Can't Rewind
12. Sing me a Lullabye

- Twelve MP3s
- EP Artwork
- Lyric Booklet

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HeartFuse Records


Daveit Ferris


HeartFuse Audio


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43 Minutes


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