Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad

Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad
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Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad

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‘My Soul Salad’ was my sixth collection of poetry. Just like the following book i’d release, this was more of a collection of poems/ideas i had strewn around my hard drives and handwritten in bedside jotters. I just compiled them when i felt the time was right and released 50 of them as this collection.

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another closing down sale
delay delay
glass walls of a slaughterhouse
christmas halloween new-year
ice cream then you scream
jet lag
underachievement locker
artistic arthritis
support desk outage
reels of ghost photographs
eyes tell lies
riddle me this
trauma in a sauna
unwrapping christmas presents
the eruption of valerie volcano
my neighbours dog
homeless heart
express train
i o
xylophone call
she is the sound
pelican bay
aspirin breakfast
champagne limousine
one and two zeros
cheap seats cheap views
shiver and shun your loved one
birds nesting in mannequin hair
upload complete
landlocked in space
colourful apartment and tinted stickers
montone as perfume
spy plain jane
kevlar limbs
soda streams for everyone in the audience
a hearse rolled into town
revenge and vitriol
never use consonants
strangers faces on billboards
a day late and a dollar short
cistern western
dovetail joints
medicine square garden
j and c and t
tequila mockingbird

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