Daveit Ferris – New York

Daveit Ferris – New York
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Daveit Ferris – New York


‘New York’ was the fourth album of original material that i released in 2008 – my first year of being ‘solo’. The reason i decided to release ‘Los Angeles’ & ‘New York’ as a pair was simply because i wrote the songs for both albums during a particularly energetic two-week writing period – it just made sense – for this purpose, both albums are pretty much just vocals/acoustic guitar and sound similar.  This was recorded in the living room of a house with no heating – no vibrato technique needed; the cold supplied the vocal shiver!

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1. I Never Quite Made An Impression
2. My 23rd Birthday Cake
3. Dust Will Grow Along with Us
4. Sparks for Sale
5. Absinthe Makes the Heart Go Wander
6. Tangled Parachutes
7. M.T
8. Windowframes and Sellotape
9. Sunday 4:25pm
10. Brighter than the Moon

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Daveit Ferris


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