Daveit Ferris – Sleeping with Insomniacs

Daveit Ferris – Sleeping with Insomniacs
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Daveit Ferris – Sleeping with Insomniacs


This item will be released on November 30, 2017.

This book is comprised of poems that were released as part of 365 Scribbles – a project by Daveit Ferris that took place from Jan 1 – Dec 31 2017.

Each download contains the book in .PDF format – alongside the artwork & and image scans of each poem handwritten.

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i call my maid ‘sweeping beauty’
tight-lipped but loose-tongued
setting sail for sunflower harbour
golden handshake
giants talk down to everyone
vocal classes for hostage negotiators
the graveyard of dead poets
terms and conditions of love
glass salad with lava sauce
i met my match and then lit it
the president set a dangerous precedent
ordering my disorders from a to z
all the old joints are being bulldozed
sad on christmas day
a steadfast reluctance to pandering
brisk frisk
stray dogs with stray hearts
debt collector door knocks
imprisoning potential
a severely shortened shelf life
a week of jury duty
based on a semi-true kind-of embellished half-story
surfing on an ironing board
25 hours a day
fruit punch and vegetable kick
bleeding from the backstabbing
the collective IQ of earth has fallen
out of my major league
custom built dinner party mannequins

- One Poetry book in .PDF format.
- Handwritten Poem Scans
- Book Artwork


32 Pages


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November 2017


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