Daveit Ferris – Typewriter Brainstorm

Daveit Ferris – Typewriter Brainstorm
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Daveit Ferris – Typewriter Brainstorm


This book is comprised of poems that were released as part of 365 Scribbles – a project by Daveit Ferris that took place from Jan 1 – Dec 31 2017.

Each download contains the book in .PDF format – alongside the artwork & and image scans of each poem handwritten.

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in tune and on time
pepperspray cordial

patiently puncturing postcards
lipsticks and stones

screaming at lighthouses
drinking to death
the giant and the avalanche
here comes the horses
bankrupt sailors

games you can play at home
soy milk and cookies
pyramid scheme
irish brewery
throwing verbs into the river
the train that never came
triple bypass
director of photography
the media will kill itself
if you were to let me destroy you
reimburse me for my time
you trademarked my anger
copper pipes full of honey
social media police
finding emo
reel-to-reel machines
a bottle stuffed with letters
heaven is where i hope i’ll go
i see patterns in thin air
joey and tweety
waking up in venice

- One Poetry book in .PDF format.
- Handwritten Poem Scans
- Book Artwork




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April 2017


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