Fender Telecaster [Mascara Story Era]

Fender Telecaster [Mascara Story Era]
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Fender Telecaster [Mascara Story Era]


This guitar has been in my possession since around 2003. It has featured on tonnes of recordings and been my main axe for all my band live shows since that time. It’s war-scarred but it comes with a lot of memories. I’m downgrading my entire physical footprint and its time to move this into the hands of someone that’ll appreciate it.

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It's time to move my main 'Mascara Story' guitar [affectionately known as Gretchen] into the hands of someone else.

I've had many offers for this guitar over the years, but refused each one. All of these offers came from Mascara Story fans and that's who this posting is aimed at. Obviously a Fender Telecaster like this isn't worth the asking price without the sentimentality / memories and great songs and shows that it played a part in. It's being offered as a fully-functional guitar + the part it's played in my own musical history.

I'm going through a period of trying to lighten my physical possessions in anticipation for a move, so expect to see a lot more physical listings on this site shortly!

How old is the guitar?
The guitar was purchased brand-new in 2003 from 'Hendersons Music' in Derry.

How does it play?
It plays real well. It's been a real resilient guitar ever since i've gotten it. It's still a smooth glide [even smoother when you add some fast fret to the board before stringing]. It really hasn't diminished in performance at all since i bought it - in fact, with age it's started to sound a little more 'full' in regards to tone. Telecasters have a tendency to sound a little thin from time to time, but this one is meaty and full-bodied.

Does it stay in tune well?
It does indeed and there are no warps that i detected whilst actively looking for them.

Can i pay in instalments?
I was asked this question a few years ago by a friend that wanted to buy the guitar. Yes. I'm up for you paying for the guitar in instalments so long as they don't exceed 4 monthly instalments. Obviously, i will only send the guitar once the entire fee has been received. Get in touch if you want to speak about this.

This guitar is in used condition. There is one issue with the guitar: the jack input is a bit temperamental - sometimes you can plug in and not have an issue at all but other times you'll need to wiggle the lead around a little before it connects - i'm sure this is a very simple issue with the wiring, but i've never attempted to fix it as it's not my skillset nor was i intending to use the guitar live so i was happy to wiggle the lead when i used the guitar to record until it was seated properly. This is not a major issue i'm trying to disguise, it just needs a small connection tweak to firmly attach the cabling. There are a few paint dents mostly in the back of the guitar and some buckle bites, too - obviously neither of these affect the sound at all.

Here is a [non-exhaustive] list of releases this guitar has played on;

Mascara Story
- The World's Most Famous Postcode [EP]
- The Importance of Safeguarding [EP]
- This is Not a Bruise [Single]
- Every single show the band ever played

Rescue the Astronauts
- Your Scissors / My Seatbelt [EP]

Daveit Ferris
- Around 40% of songs from '365 Sparks'
- White Mountain Sessions [EP]
- All lead parts on Solo Albums

The guitar can prominently be seen in the first video for 'This is Not a Bruise' [the single by Mascara Story] and the second video which composites a few live shows together.

Years of Production: 1990 - present
Body Style: Single cutaway solid-body
Wood Composition: Alder, Maple neck, Maple fingerboard
Design Elements:  Two single-coil pickups, white pickguard, volume and tone controls, 25 1/2-inch scale length
Finish Specifications: Agave Blue is a less common finish for the Telecaster.
Notable Tele Players: Keith Richards, Merle Haggard, Johnny Greenwood, James Burton

  • Traditional Telecaster poplar body
  • Maple neck and fretboard
  • Die-cast machine heads
  • Standard Tele pickups (neck & bridge)
  • 3-position blade controls
  • Master volume, master tone
  • 3-ply white pickguard
  • Standard Tele bridge with 6 saddles
  • String-thru bridge

Shipping cannot be determined until i know where i'll be shipping the item to. Obviously if i'm shipping it to somewhere in the UK the price will be fairly cheap - however if i'm shipping it to Australia for example, it's going to be more expensive. If you want this item and would like me to get you a shipping estimate, please email me before purchasing - daveit@daveitferris.com.

In regards to packaging, i will ensure it's very well wrapped to avoid any mishaps during transit.

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Blue Agave


Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico