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Handwritten Lyric


Do you want your favourite song of mine handwritten just for you and posted to you? This is your chance! You name a song of mine and i’ll handwrite it for you, sign it and post it off to you! You can even choose the colour of paper!

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    Daveit Ferris – My Soul Salad

    'My Soul Salad' was my sixth collection of poetry. Just like the following book i'd release, this was more of a collection of poems/ideas i had strewn around my hard drives and handwritten in bedside jotters. I just compiled them when i felt the time was right and released 50 of them as this collection.
    £2.00 £1.00

Are these completely custom?
Yes! These are made to order. Once i receive the order is when i'll handwrite the lyric [which takes me longer than you might think], sign it and post it off to you. These are completely unique to you. Test me: put in a request for 'Godzilla Bubblegum' and see it fulfilled.

Can i choose any song?
Yep! You can even request songs from my older bands [Mascara Story / Rescue the Astronauts etc].

How long will it take to receive it?
This is going to vary as i have sent stuff to all corners of the world. I'm sorry i cannot be more accurate on delivery, but within receiving your order, i will have it with my post office within 5 working days - after that, it's down to your carrier to deliver. Honestly though, it really shouldn't take too long.

Can you frame my lyric for me?
I don't currently offer this publically, but yes, i can do this privately if you really want the full experience. Just shoot me an email and we can work it out.

What do i do if i want multiple songs?
Honestly, the simplest option is to purchase multiple versions of this product.

I'll be posting you a page of handwritten lyrics that are signed to your name - directly to the address you specify at checkout. I will ensure this page is wrapped securely so that it reaches you in pristine condition. If you have any special requests [draw a smiley face, draw hearts etc] then write them in the order notes and i may include them ;)

Please note: the photograph is for illustrative purposes only and you'll be receiving a single lyric sheet only - not something framed.


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