‘Happy Birthday’ Custom Song

‘Happy Birthday’ Custom Song
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‘Happy Birthday’ Custom Song


If you or someone you know digs my music and would like me to sing happy birthday to you … this is your chance! This services is to purchase a completely custom [you can include your surname if you wish] happy birthday song! All you have to do is let me know your/your chosen person’s name and ill do the rest. This is a standard ‘four bar’ happy birthday song and not an extended piece.

What name am i singing to? *

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This is a really simple service designed for those of you that like my music or know someone that does. You simply purchase the product above, making sure to include the forename or both forename and surname of the person i'll be singing to. Finally, include the email address where i should send the finalised MP3. Within two weeks [usually within 10 days] i'll send you back a finished high-quality MP3 of my birthday serenade!

NB: If the name has an unusual pronunciation - please be sure to let me know! I cannot redo any finalised versions!

Is the song completely custom?
Yes! I wouldn't have the time to spend a day covering the most popular names. When you order your song you can even elect to include your surname so that you know it's completely custom! It may not fit perfectly well with the rhyming component of the song, but i'll do my best!

How long will the song be?
I'm just following the standard 'Happy Birthday' motif that is sung around the world millions of times daily. This is not an extended version - the reason why it's special is because i'm singing directly to you/your chosen person.

How long will it take to receive the MP3?
It'll take no more than two weeks from your date of purchase to receive your finished [mixed] song. If you're in a rush [for a birthday] please ensure you have your request with me before then!

Can i have multiple names in the same order?
Yes! You can enter multiple names [let's not get silly, three max] and i'll sing to all of them! Any more than three will require you to purchase a second!

Can you sing the song in different languages?
Yes. BUT contact me first via email before ordering to ensure i can sing this magical song in your language.

Can i release the song online?
Sure! Once i send it to you [and because i clearly didn't invent the song] you may do whatever you wish with it except reselling it.

- One High-Quality [completely custom] MP3 of your Happy Birthday Song.
- Smiles :)


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