Mascara Story – The Importance of Safeguarding

Mascara Story – The Importance of Safeguarding
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Mascara Story – The Importance of Safeguarding


The debut EP by Mascara Story – a real turning point in my music career. This was the first time i really sat down and worked on a bunch of songs with the mindset of them being on an EP. In my previous bands i either didn’t write any music or i wasn’t writing toward a release. I think my songwriting grew x100 as soon as i start Mascara Story with Sean & Jay. The recording sessions for this EP were intense for me as i had some vocal struggles early on [probably due to nerves] and i couldn’t get my sounds as quickly as i’d have wished. However, i’m super proud of this EP as it helped us earn final placement on Kerrang! Magazines Unsigned Band Competition – that we ultimately won.

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1. About Last Night
2. This is Not A Bruise
3. Cue the Violins
4. Episode

- Four MP3s
- EP Artwork

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Neal Calderwood


Manor Park Studio


Sean Keddy




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