Music Critique & Report

Music Critique & Report
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Music Critique & Report


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The process is real simple. Choose how many songs you'd like critiqued from the dropdown above, then ensure that you have the same amount of songs in a .zip or .rar file and upload it directly below. Finally, please enter the email address to send the finalised report to. Then you can go through your purchase as you've probably done hundreds of times online. I will have your report back to you within 10 days of receiving your order, provided you have included the matching number of songs. That's it!

- Please ensure you send me the correct amount of songs according to how much you've ordered.
- Please ensure you send me high-quality mp3s/wavs [otherwise i may comment about the production quality].
- If you'd prefer to link me to a soundcloud - just ensure you write that in the order notes before checkout.
- Please ensure you enter your primary email address above to ensure my report reaches you.

How long will my report take?
You'll receive your report within 10 days of the day you ordered so long as you have uploaded the same amount of song as you've ordered. If there's a disparity between what you order and what you send, we'll start the 10 day countdown from the day that i receive all adequate material. Sound fair?

What happens if i don't like the report or disagree with it? Can i get a refund?
Music is subjective. The fact you're willing to open yourself up to constructive criticism is awesome, so i'm sure this won't be a problem for many of you. I invest the same amount of time into every song and then give my honest appraisal of how things currently stand and how i believe they could be bettered. You mightn't agree with all of my points, but i assure you they are coming from a seasoned ear and an honest mouth! I'm sorry, i don't offer refunds as i cannot restore the time i invested into the critique.

I want you to appraise my full album [more than 10 tracks] - possible?
No problem! I'd love to do more critiques in which the project was based around albums instead of single songs or EP's. Just get in touch and we can make it happen!

Are the critiques made public?
No. These are completely between yourself and i.

What are the judging criteria?
I listen to each track a minimum of 5 times [which is why i think this service is incredibly well priced] to ensure my focus is with one criteria per spin. These criteria are;

  1. Immediate First Impression
  2. Music
  3. Vocals / Melodies / Lyrics
  4. Songwriting
  5. Production / Mixing / Mastering

What do i receive?
A single report in .PDF format [this is to ensure readability across all devices]. Contained within this structured document is each criteria in detail and a closing thought.

Why would i pay for this?
This service won't be for everyone. However, when i was starting out, instead of 'paying' local musicians with much more experience than me to judge my music and give me feedback, i'd invite them to watch rehearsals or see my band live - then, whilst i kept them watered with beers, i would listen to critical feedback that literally shaped my music career. I'm a dedicated songwriter, a seasoned musician and a producer of over 500+ tracks ... i'm confident in being able to give feedback on every song i'm sent.

- One PDF report that covers five criteria components of your song and a closing thought.
- Great constructive feedback :)


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