Play Bass on Your Song

Play Bass on Your Song
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Play Bass on Your Song


Bass is such an underrated instrument in my opinion – bands that sync their kick-drum and basslines absolutely hypnotize me. If you’d like me to add some bass to your recording(s) – whether you just want to collaborate or currently have no bassist … this is your chance!

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What genres will you play on?
Anything! You can count me in from anything from acoustic singer/songwriter jams to metal! If i hear your song and honestly don't believe i can contribute to it in a meaningful way, i'll simply refund all your money.

Can i sell the song you feature on?
Of course! As a musician myself, i know that recordings are essentially dead money as there's no real profit made from recordings for unsigned bands - so i wouldn't expect you to pay for something only to never release it. I'm more than happy for you to release the song.

How long will the process take?
I will have the finished bass line(s) sent to you with 21 days from the date of successful purchase so long as i'm sent the required audio on the same day. Otherwise the 21 days will start from when i receive the required audio. You can purchase quicker turnaround times above if you're in a rush.

What do you need to start working?
In an ideal world, i'd like your audio stems [and your project files as i have a range of DAW's], this gives me the opportunity to really fix my bass in your mix. If this isn't possible [and depending on your song] i may be able to play directly over a .wav or .mp3 - but this is far from ideal and i'd majorly prefer the first of these options as it'll be better for all of us. Trust me! I have done both of these versions and the first always works.

Do i get any revisions?
I offer one round of revisions after i send you the completed work.

Can i get discount for multiple songs?
Yes - but shoot me a message prior to purchase -

I'll likely be using a Gibson Epiphone EB-3 to record your bass parts with. This will connected directly to a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 that i use as my main interface. I generally favour recording bass through software emulators, however, i have blended these emulations alongside mic'd up eden bass cabs for big rock songs. This is just a basic idea of what i'll likely use, but i'll judge each song when i hear it.


Standard within 21 Days


Bass line(s) in high-quality .wav files.

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