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Remix Your Song
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Remix Your Song


Remixes are a great way of getting ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to a great song. Most great songs can be stylized in many awesome different ways. If you want new life injected into an old song – this is your chance!

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    Sing Lead Vocals on Your Song

    Whether you're a musician that records music but doesn't sing, want a special guest or simply want to collaborate with me on something ... this is possible! Please read all information on this page before purchasing the service.

What genres will you Remix?
I'm pretty diverse and i listen to pretty much every genre so i'll likely have familiarity with any request i'm sent. I'm incredibly familiar with rock, ballad, pop, acoustic, metal and country. But i would love to work on dance music, R'n'b, electronica and more. I guess what i'm saying is ... i have you covered!

How long will the process take?
I will have the finished remix sent to you with 21 days from the date of successful purchase so long as i'm sent the required audio on the same day. Otherwise the 21 days will start from when i receive the required audio. You can purchase quicker turnaround times above if you're in a rush.

What do you need to start working?
I cannot start until i have received your audio stems [and your project files as i have a range of DAW's].

Do i get any revisions?
I will do one round of revisions after i send you the completed remix.

Can i get discount for multiple songs?
Yes -  but shoot me a message prior to purchase -

Remixes are a way of injecting new life into songs, old and new. If your music is acoustic-based, i may turn it into an animated rock/electronica mash-up or if your music is rock-based, i may turn it into a poppy/drum-and-bass style version. It will depend on each track and my creative flow at that moment.


Standard 21 Days


High-quality .wav file of Final Master


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