Washburn HB35 – ‘First Male Lesbian’

Washburn HB35 – ‘First Male Lesbian’
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Washburn HB35 – ‘First Male Lesbian’


This guitar was my backup guitar for the Mascara Story era [tuned to drop-d] and pretty much my main guitar for the Rescue the Astronauts era. It was featured in the video for ‘I Am Your Sugar Rush‘ that you can see here. It was also the guitar i used to record the ‘Traces’ single with.

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This guitar and my Fender Telecaster are the two mainstay guitars i've ever had. I've always swapped guitars around or bought and sold them on, but those two have always had pride of place in my guitar rack since the day i received them. Just like the tele though, all good things come to an end and its now time for me to pass this little beast into the hands of someone that might appreciate it. This guitar was used on Mascara Story tours as the backup guitar [and switched guitar for drop-d songs], the Rescue the Astronauts EP [and video for 'I Am Your Sugar Rush'] and countless recordings over the years. The taped 'First Male Lesbian' is still fixed to the guitar perfectly and alongside additional stickers, hasn't changed since it was stuck on.

How old is the guitar?
The guitar was sent to me as part of an endorsement deal with Washburn Guitars in 2005 and it was made that year.

How does it play?
It plays as good as i remember it always playing. It's a guitar that i pick up once a month or so at this point and jam on for a few hours, so it's definitely enjoyable enough to play otherwise i simply wouldn't play it. The action is currently a little high, but obviously you can lower that in a second to suit your particular tastes.

Does it stay in tune well?
It does! It has grover machineheads that are optimised for staying in tune and these are still holding up.

Can i pay in instalments?
I was asked this question a few years ago by a friend that wanted to buy the guitar. Yes. I'm up for you paying for the guitar in instalments so long as they don't exceed 3 monthly instalments. Obviously, i will only send the guitar once the entire fee has been received. Get in touch if you want to speak about this.

This guitar is in used condition. There are a few minor 'issues'. The first is that a few of the pots are a little loose but this would require a quick re-attaching to the nut/bolt - i have monster hands so i'm unable to reach in through the f-hole to do this, but they were loose when the guitar arrived from the usa initially and i had a friend fix them in place for me in about 30 seconds - i definitely don't consider this an 'issue' and it certainly doesn't impact sound in any way. The second issue is that the gold-plated tuner pegs and pickups have started to flake a little bit - it may be possible to use a specific solution to clean this up but this a merely aesthetic issue and doesn't affect performance in any way.

  • Guitar
  • Hard Shell Case

Body & Bridge

  • Model: HB35
  • Series: Semi-Hollowbody Series
  • Body Shape: Hollowbody Series
  • Body Material: Flame Maple Top
  • Back: Plain Maple
  • Sides: Plain Maple
  • Colour: Wine Red
  • Finish: Gloss Finish
  • Bridge: Tune-o-matic

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Hard Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Number of Frets: 22 frets
  • Inlays: Pearl / Abalone Split Block
  • Nut: Graphtech Nubone
  • Nut Width: 43 mm cream
  • Scale: 24.75

Electronics & Hardware

  • Pickups: Dual Washburn Humbuckers
  • Pickup Configuration: H / H
  • Controls: n/a
  • Pickup Selector: n/a
  • Hardware: Gold Hardware
  • Tuners: Grover Exclusive 18:1 Gold

Shipping cannot be determined until i know where i'll be shipping the item to. Obviously if i'm shipping it to somewhere in the UK the price will be fairly cheap - however if i'm shipping it to Australia for example, it's going to be more expensive. If you want this item and would like me to get you a shipping estimate, please email me before purchasing - daveit@daveitferris.com.

In regards to packaging, i have a hard shell plastic guitar case designed specifically for this case that i will ship it with. It may increase the shipping price a little, but it'll be worth it for the case and safety!