Sharewaves | #1 ➤ Thunderstorms in TeaCups

Sharewaves | #1 ➤ Thunderstorms in TeaCups
February 10, 2017 daveitferris

I deactivated my personal Facebook account in December which means that a lot of other website logins are no longer as easy as clicking the big ‘Login with Facebook‘ button. Once such issue was just experienced as i tried to login to Spotify to listen to a Playlist Starlite Music Chronicles has added my music to [usually i’d just Login with Facebook] – unbelievably, it took me about 10 seconds to figure out what my username would have been before Facebook and Spotify got their sync on [it’s ‘DaveitFerris’] – anyways – once i got logged in i was shocked to discover playlists i made over five and six years ago! Hundreds of songs that i really loved back then but had since forgotten about for no other reason than my brain hard drive ran out of space.
The vast majority of these songs are by bands that aren’t strictly ‘popular’ or ‘known’ – so as someone that loves sharing great music – i figured i’d start making the occasional Spotify-based mixtape for my website journal. Of course, me being me, i had to give it a name and associated images and so ‘Sharewaves’ was born over the last ten minutes or so. Just another opportunity for me to share music i love with all you other earthlings.
I hope you enjoy this inaugural playlist – let me know your favourites!