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Daveit Ferris is an Irish Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Poet. His foray into music began when he was plucked from a classroom at age 15 to front a local band called FutureReal. A few years [and a few releases] later, he decided to leave the band in order to start composing his own music. This led him to enroll in music college and form a new band with other musicians from the school – the band was called ‘Traffic Episode’. This band was the first band that he not only played guitar in but was the primary songwriter for.

In 2005, the band he formed and fronted, Mascara Story, won Kerrang! Magazines ‘Unsigned Band of the Year’ despite competition from over 3,000 other UK-based bands. As a result, the band played Download Festival twice that year and saw their debut single ‘This is Not a Bruise’ reach #10 on the rock charts. Multiple UK tours ensued before the band called it a day later the same year amid personal differences. The very next day, Daveit formed a brand new band called ‘Rescue the Astronauts’. The band recorded their debut EP mere months later and watched it receive high praise from media and radio alike. The band ultimately went on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ late 2006 and hasn’t released any music since.

In 2008, fed up with years of failed bands and the reliance on others for projects to succeed, Daveit decided to ‘go solo’ and become the only cog in the machine. In this very first year, he released five original albums and his first poetry book. Creative liberation was finally in effect. From 2009 to 2013, he released 9 more poetry books and numerous other music releases.

In 2014 – a near-death situation led him to create and start recording music for ‘365 Sparks’ – a monstrous project that would see him release an original song every day of 2015. The project was a labour of love for two years and without a doubt, contains some of the best work he’s ever put on tape.

In 2019, he released ten albums made up of audio from the aforementioned ‘365 Sparks’ project.

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