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‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on websites are usually fictitious. They aren’t frequent questions asked by anyone, but obviously questions that the person or company would prefer to answer, such as ‘How can your vocal range be so high?’ or ‘How did you get 100million in funding from your basement?’. My FAQ’s are questions I’ve been asked numerous times via email/message over the last decade by real people. No tooting of my own horn here. I’ll add to these as time goes on.

Unlike most musical breakups, it wasn’t because we were heading in different directions musically, it was because we weren’t getting along as humans – more specifically, I wasn’t getting along with Sean and Jay as a pair and they weren’t getting along with me. Our issues seemed to arise on tour where very small things get completely amplified, there’s too much dead time to fill & there’s too much drinking that goes on that can blur one’s mind – we let all three of the above affect us and our actions. We argued over setlists, we argued over the manner in which we ended our sets, we argued over who wasn’t pulling their weight lugging the gear in and out of the venue, we argued over hotel beds and who got to shower first … you name it, we did it and it wasn’t fun. It didn’t help matters that we [were] all as headstrong and stubborn as each other and didn’t want to back down, even when we knew we were in the wrong. We were three ingredients in a recipe for disaster. When we got home from our October tour supporting Reuben, I got a call from Jay informing me he was thinking of leaving the band and I put up zero of a fight because it was becoming a pain for all of us to be a part of. That was that. We could have easily mended our situation had we opened a lane of communication, but we all refused to do so and the blood drained from the amazing animal we created. We actually re-met In mid 2009 at my home after completing some rough new demos to discuss the possibility of getting the band back together. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t make it work as people or musicians as we’d all moved on so much in those four years.

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