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Pyramid Sequence – The Sleeping Pattern of Pharmacists

Pyramid Sequence – The Sleeping Pattern of Pharmacists


Niall Dalton approached me about this project before he had any music to show me, however, from knowing Niall’s previous work and production, i knew it’d be good work. When i did finally hear the song i was to write and sing over, i absolutely loved it. It was just music, so my role was to write melodies and lyrics and send the files back [we never met during this project] – i love this as it felt very ‘Postal Service’. I wrote and recorded everything in an afternoon [with the backing vocal help of a friend, Mark Rogan] and sent the files on. If only all recording experiences were this stress-free! The entire EP [my song is just one of many] is stunning and i still listen to it from time to time today. Go and buy it!

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Niall Dalton


Tre Sheppard


Nathan Dantzler


Niall Dalton Studios / My Vocals = HeartFuse Studios